What is consignment?

Recycling your preloved children's clothing and maternity wear is an ideal way to make some extra cash while helping the environment. 

Reducing the amount of unwanted items handed down or that go into landfills is why consignment is gaining popularity. 

Reusing and reselling items that have lots of life left in them is a great way to declutter. You are helping to allow others to buy items at reduced costs. 

Consignment is the resale of previously owned goods. Sea Stars is the consignee and the client is the consignor. Fees are split 60/40. Consignors receive 40% of the selling price.  


  • Please call ahead to ensure space is available and that staff is available to do your intake.
  • There are 3 drop off spots that are available per day. We will accept a maximum of 1 bin of clothing per drop off. We have limited space available so please choose your items carefully.
  • We accept in season clothing, shoes, maternity wear and accessories. No equipment or toys please.
  • Clothing must be in new or like new condition. Freshly laundered, free of any pet hair or stains. Please ensure that footwear has little wear and that the soles are clean.
  • We do not accept George brand or items that are not current styles.
  • Please allow yourself time for us to sort through your items. You may browse the shop while we do so or come back before closing the same day. We cannot store items that we won't be selling.
  • Clients are given the option to allow Sea Stars to donate items we do not accept to charity on their behalf. In this case drop offs can be made at any time. Any unsold items will also be donated to charity at the end of the contract/season.
  • You will be assigned an account number. Please keep this number on hand for future drop offs. 
  • You will be paid 40% of the selling price. Accounts are paid out in cash/cheque or can be used as in store credit.
  • Items are kept 90 days or as long as they are in season.
  • Items with issues that are found after the intake process that have flaws or other issues: rips, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc will be discounted (as is) or if deemed unsaleable become property of Sea Stars and will be donated to charity. We cannot store your items. 
  • You will be notified by phone when your consignment contract is complete and there is money and/or items for pickup.
  • You must pickup your remaining items within 10 days. Items that are not picked up in a timely manner will be donated to charity.   
  • You are welcome to call in with your account number to inquire regarding the balance available for payout. 
  • We are committed to the community and the environment. Sea Stars has connected with some amazing local charities. You can feel confident that we will send items to the appropriate places where they can be recycled and re used. 

Are you interested in consigning with us?

Call us to make an appointment and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. 
(778) 442-1717